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ScanAfrik Consultancy is a registered in the Kingdom of Norway as a Travel and General services consultancy. The business offers consultancies on diverse issues between Northern and southern hemisphere Public and Private sector institutions. The institution cooperates with every and any business and development institution or person whish may wish to have data of any sort for the furtherance of their venture either as a means of North-South cooperation or as Direct Foreign investment.

Who we are

Who We Are ScanAfrik Consultancy is a business, trade and Private Sector Development promotion institution with a speciality on Africa and Scandinavia. Our concerns are on aiding and promoting and planning projects that will enhance direct interventions by cooperation of both the public and Private sectors in Both Northern and Southern Hemisphere with specific focus on Scandinavian and African cooperation. As a business promoter, we undertake consultancies that provide data and specific information on Trade in terms of what Legal, Infrastructural and other frameworks that exist for any client that requires such information either in Scandinavia or in Africa. We also provide clients with information on the Business Culture differentials as well as do undertake risk assessments and managements for our clients if they so wish. .

A bit of history

We offer clients the best possible advice and information on whatever they shall require undertaking Direct Foreign investments in any of the areas under our operational focus. As a projects development institution, we undertake effective planning, Feasibility studies and documentation of all projects for businesses. We do business plan and proposals for funding as well as can provide technical and other expertise in implementing these projects. We provide Research services on diverse issues of business interest to any client within the scope of management of risks and cultural differences of a potential migration of a business form one culture to another. As a Consultancy we give diverse pieces of technical and management advice to our clients on requirement for start-up in business cultures they amy not be conversant with .As Consultancy with Information Technology expertise, we also offer advice on what applications to use for easy of management and access to the data of the business from a global point of view.

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