Who we are

The ScanAfrik Investments offers clients consultancies and Brokerage services to promote investments and trade between Nordic countries and west Africa. we are especially concerned with countries that are members of the two key  sub-regional bodies of the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS) and a smaller but one with a sizable market of over 65 million known as the Mano River Union and comprising of Guinea,Liberia,La Cote D’Ivoire and Liberia.

Our key role and vision is to promote and ensure probity and mitigate risks that normally hinder investments in this part of the world. we undertake consultancies,feasibility/due diligence

and even networking between investors and enhance Public -Private cooperation on the level of trade and enterprise development.

What we do

We are Consultants on west Africa and do due diligence as well as risk assessments and mitigation for investors.

We are brokers who work for fees with clients who may wish to invest in west Africa,find goods and services for Investors and businesses in both West African and Nordic countries.

We also undertake project studies,development and management for clients who may wish to have trusted and reliable and safe partners to undertake projects for  them in both west Africa and Nordic countries.

Risk Management Process

Social Entrepreneurship

In recent times and after so many efforts to develop via a centralized system reliant on basically Aid and grants, their effort shifted to Social Enterprises seeking to take a new bottom-top approach to development by instigating the private and mostly informal sector to take well-managed steps to grow and sustain on an entrepreneurial platform.

The ScanAfrik Investments is now involved by way of consultancies to assist fund seeking corporate persons as well as providing management and other consultancies for these corporate persons.  In the process, we promote Trade, and not Aid policies.


Our Experts

Creative Instructor

M Boye Jallo Jamboria

CEO & Projects and Research Director

Malik Jallo Jamboria

Finance and Management Director

Alexander Kweh

International Relations Director