We promote Investments through ethical  due diligence for effecient  Risks  management!

Welcome to the Africa Free Trade Zone. The world's largest Free Trade zone !

About us

The ScanAfrik Investments is a registered business that undertakes connecting businesses in Scandinavia with West African businesses. We do this on three platforms. First, we can act as mere brokers between a buyer and seller. Next, we do due diligence and other consultancies services for any client on both sides of the Business sphere. Finally, our team can undertake projects on behalf of our clients and even get involved in every level and cycle to ensure the efficient execution of these projects. We depend on our expertise and resourceful team.

Our Vision

As a team connecting Scandinavia and West Africa, our vision is to provide a platform for transparent risk mitigated business between Nordic countries and the West African sub region. 

Our vision, in accordance with our expertise, is to get safe conduct of business between clients and business with a key concern on risks mitigation and providing the required connections that can assure the safety of investments and transparency.

We abhor corrupt practices and have ethical instruments we follow to detect and mitigate any such action in the process of doing business for and on behalf of our clients. 

Invest in Africa

Africa is fast becoming the place for businesses to go.Africa offers the highest returns in Direct Foreign investments,  according to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and UNCTAD.

The continent has a youthful population of close to a billion which population represents approximately 14.72% of the world’s total population. 

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What We Do


We offer Brokerage services bringing Buyers and sellers of

goods and services between Scandinavia and West Africa.


We undertake Market researches,Due diligence and other consultancies that  assist bringing businesses in Scandinavia and west African a

platform  where Ethical values take precedence over all else. We ensure effecient risks mitigation and Profitable Returns on investments.

Projects Management

We offer our clients a wide range of services, as direct actors in the feasibility/research, documentation and implementation, or as consultants working side by side with the client’s management on investment and other projects in West Africa.

The African Market

Holding between 30 to 45 percent of the global natural resources and  a demographics that has 65 percent of the population of a little over a billion under the age of thirty five, the African market is as complex and heterogeneous as the continent itself.

In a continent with such vast natural resources and a climate that accommodates large scale argo production,it might be expected that economic indices must always be on the positive skewed curve with good if not high standard of living.

However ,it is always stories of poverty and mass suffering that one hears in the media. Why and how is the African Markets?   

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ScanAfrik Investments